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Love Quest is a trivia based couples board game. You and your partner answer questions about each other to score points and move through five levels. The objective is to raise the most points possible by the end of the game.


It’s an ideal game for couples trying to go down memory lane, couples wanting to learn more about each other, or need a good way to break the ice.

Why Choose Love Quest?


The idea of the game is to help the younger couples grow closer and the older couples to remember that spark that brought them together in the first place.


The game is a great ice breaker for a blind date or second date type of a situation or for couples who aren’t quite there yet as far as making things “official”.


The game is available for free for everyone. All you need to do is to dowload the board, cards and put all pieces together.


Both players need to draw 15 question cards. On the question cards, there are spaces provided for players to answer each question IN THE MATTER they believe their partner will answer it. After answering the question cards, players need to place them on the board, face down.


Players will take turns answering questions from each card on the board. For every question answered CORRECT, that card is discarded and points are added to the shared score represented by the love meter. For every question answered INCORRECT, that card is left face up. Each level represents the value of points that question is worth (Ex. questions at level 4 are worth 4 points). At the end of the game, your overall love points is tallied on the love meter. It also might indicate couple’s love level.


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The design of the game was inspired by interviews with target users and design research study


Here is a guide on how to install and play the game, all you need to do is to download it and put them together

Meet The Team

Thomas May

Game Designer

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Anya Kolesnichenko

Game Designer

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